so about a week ago i met this girl at a party i didnt really notice her at first but then we started talking and we were like hugging and kissing and all that by the end of it. so we met up a few times and today she came over to mine and my parents were out and we went into my room which i thought to play ps2 but she turned it off and got me on the bed and started taking off my clothes. i hadnt had sex before but she had so i didnt know what to do so i just smiled. well we got passed the stage of undressing and so she wanted me to sex her up massive and i never done it so i put my penis in her vagina and i just kinda did nothing then she was like go on then and i cant remember much after that but it was ****ing amazing good. so you guys have any stories about your first time?
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Cool story, bro,

Seriously, blog it. No one here really cares, and you never asked a questions or asked to start a debate or discussion.
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Cool story.

Seriously, glad you lost it. My first time was at a party and I was mad hammered and that's about all I remember as it was several years ago.
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