that is ****ing sick, the guys vocals need to be a bit harsher tbh but the instrumentation is awesome
Coming from a fan of jamiroquai as well!
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Thanks dude. It's not really his style to shout/growl a lot, he's just a ****in amazing singer. He does/can scream on his own music sometimes but just chose not to on this one I guess!
hahaha i was expecting this to be so so so bad but i was really impressed. maybe if you'd chosen any other song it would have been bad. but this is seriously good. top performance and production. i cannot complain.
This reminds me of the heavier freshman efforts of a lot of nu-metal bands. And thats not a bad thing. Listen to the first Stone Sour album , Crossfade (intro to Starless) or Breaking Benjamin. It also reminds me a bit of Meshuggah, with the odd meter syncopated part.

Pretty sweet. And that guy is a pretty f*ckin' amazing singer.

c4c? http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/irongolem85/
Pretty damn awesome, I love that song, and you're version was great, able to keep the groovieness of the orignal but still be real heavy and rocking. And that guy is a really good singer
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