I sweat a lot when I play. A LOT. Also, my sweat seems to be more acidic than normal. It's very common for me to find copperish spots in my strings right after I put new ones. My strings last, in average, a month and a half, two months at most... and by that I mean "without rusting beyond use", they start blackening much earlier. I tried Elixirs, they lasted four months without rusting (I was overjoyed , it's a record!).

Looking around in the internet, I found these: http://www.ernieball.com/products/category-921-Coated-/-Titanium

I know they're expensive ($10 a pop, $17 suggested) and they're not available in my country, but I can arrange it so somebody buys them for me. And the price... well, local stores overcharge so much for strings that we're used to pay twice the price they're sold at in America, it barely makes a difference.

Have any of you guys tried them? Any thoughts? Other suggestions? (don't limit yourself to strings, anything that could help is welcome).
i used to use ernie ball all the time. i switched to elixers and won't look back! i've got the same problem, by the way. i also rub my guitar down every time i'm done, on top of the strings, and between the fretboard and strings. i usually end up with gross spots on my strings pretty quick, but this helps.

ernie ball makes string cleaner thats supposed to help keep your strings newer longer... i don't know if it would work (my guess is not) but if anybody has experience with it, let me know!
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D'addarios are good for sweaty hands as their coating is unique as well as elixier but the d'adarrios should work fine

steer clear of earne balls as they will not last long with acidic sweat
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I know, I used to use nickel Ernie Balls. I love how they sound, but they rust even faster than other brands I've tried.

So, about these Titanium strings... marketing ploy or has it some truth behind it?
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elixir. The coating prevents rust quite well.
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elixir. The coating prevents rust quite well.


Pretty much the only strings I can use because of my corrosive sweat and close proximity to the ocean, but they're great strings regardless.
do not use the ernie bal titaniums they rusted just as fast and felt worse then regular ernie balls
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do not use the ernie bal titaniums they rusted just as fast and felt worse then regular ernie balls

Thanks man, you just saved me 20 bucks. I'll stay with Elixirs then (unless someone has a different suggestion).
Elixirs are your best bet, as far as I know. I don't really have the same problem but I know that Elixirs last far longer than Ernie Balls. Plus they've got the "nanoweb" varieties and the "anti-rust" types, so y'know.. more specialised for this kinda thing.

I've tried string cleaner by the way, and that helps lengthen the duration of your strings a nice amount
do you wipe down the guitar after playing? particularly the neck, strings, nut and bridge and keep a towel nearby so in between songs so you can dry your sweaty mitts
I need to find elixirs in.011's, my guitar has not only a fairly dirty fretboard (probably should do something about that) but my hands are crazy sweaty.

Never could though.
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I'd try some D'Addario EXP. I used to use them on my acoustic and they last a really long time.
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