hi..i'm buying effects processor for 1st tym.. i've two in mind. zoom g2 and g2.1u. this two are almost same but one with expression pedal and another without. the price of the pedalless 1 is quite lesser than the one with 1. what is the advantage of an expression pedal? i will like to save some money here. so if the having expression pedal is a great thing, only then i will buy the g2.1u. what do i do??
the expression pedal means that you can control the parameters of the effects (like delay time, or wet/dry mix amongst other things) with your foot while you are playing, without having to lean down and twiddle knobs. it's well worth having as it makes the unit a lot more useful.

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With the Expression pedal you'll be able to control the volume and overall presence on most of the effects (for example, if you selected the "Flanger' mode then rocking the pedal forward will increase the amount of flanger you can hear in the mix). Also, there are some effects which are kinda useless without an expression pedal like a wah, and if I'm not mistaken the Zoom also has a pitch shifting-mode (to produce Digitech Whammy-like sounds)...

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english is not my mother language.. so i guess its not a crime that my english is bad .. bt i think i expressed what i wanted to say(i've a good expression pedal )
I have the G2 and can't say i was blown away. The distortion/amp sim stuff isnt great at all but the effects themselves are good for the price in my opinion. But I would recommend getting the G2.1, I think an expression pedal would add alot to the G2 in terms of versatility and how much I actually use it. It really depends on what you want to do with it.