I just got 2 tickets for 65daysofstatic in London for November. I'm really excited but it made me think about how energetic the crowds are at metal gigs. Probably won't be the same for post rock really, will it?

What's your favourite music in a gig for just dancing and having a good time? What music would you normally enjoy but maybe not see the point of going to see live?

And out of interest has anyone seen Mogwai / Explosions in the sky / 65days / God is an astronaut or anything live? How is it?

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metal... any kind. except screamo, grindcore, and anything with a feminine male singer like protest the hero.
Best crowd I've ever been part of was Dub Trio, The Aggrolites, and Flogging Molly at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ.

Second best would be Beat Union, The Loved Ones, and Flogging Molly at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

So from that I can conclude that Flogging Molly shows are awesome. Not sure about a specific type of music though. Punk and ska crowds are usually the best from my experiences.
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this.. or dance or metal.
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Ska, definitely.
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Metal gigs are annoying, it all sounds like one big mess tbh.
And thats coming from someone who plays in heavy bands... or at least, did.
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Ska, definitely.

Streetlight Manifesto puts on the best show i've ever been to (ive seen them 3 times)
the crowd is insane, theyre spot-on live, and fun to sing along to
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Metal gigs are annoying, it all sounds like one big mess tbh.
And thats coming from someone who plays in heavy bands... or at least, did.

You've been to ****ty gigs then.
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I used to play in a ska band and we always got people dancing along and had antics going on onstage. One time our sax player, who is a girl, started basically pole dancing against our drummers cymbal stand.

65days was definitely the best gig i'd seen (mastodon just blew my mind a couple of months after it lol)

How can you argue against a band that is unstoppable?

song references aside, the crowd at King tuts wah-wah hut was pretty weird, because of 65days general style the crowd was really mixed, that coupled with the small venue meant you could tell some people were trying to hold back when just joining in with the general headbanging-at-appropriate-points crowd. (me included, but i had the barrier so i was excused :P )

Dutch for farmer rock. It basicly is simple bluesrock with lyrics about the motorcross, drinking beer, playing at gigs and asking girls if they 'want to see the motorcross'(Slang for sex)

3 big farmer rock bands :

Mooi wark

Jovink en de Voederbietels


Everyone is eachothers friend, passing and receiving beer from complete strangers. Dancing and rolling in the mud with 20 drunken people who you'd never met.

Even if you go alone to a gig of Mooi wark you're not alone.

The name comes from the geographical location of where the music has its roots. In a low populated part of the Netherlands with lots of farmers (And the place where Angus young lives)
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funk, reggae, or a phish concert
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Any celtic punk gig, so like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Levellers, Street Dogs, etc. Just lots of drunken fun having and going nuts. Plus, the atmosphere is usually pretty good between crowd members as well because everyone's there to have a good time so there's not much trouble. Great times.
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For your post-rock question, I've been to Pelican and Russian Circles, and both crowds were rather tame. It was nice not having my teeth bashed in, and I really enjoyed the music.
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Jam + rock operas.

Live improvs are the best--ones you just can't catch by studio albums. Live Phish, for instance, is an all-out everythingasm. And rock operas...well.