hey mates.firts of i have no idea of bass guitars.our bassist (long time guitar player) needs a new bass.we play songs like ratm's - killing in the name, bulls on parade; audioslave's - cochise, i am the highway; alot of peral jam, buckcherry..it should give him a warm tone but still sound pretty raw when he plays it on distortion.it should be around 200-300€..not more please. we have been looking at some yamaha basses they really kick ass in the 500€ price-range..but he dosent have that much money.name or link some good bass guitars


edit// i forgot hes a LEFTY! it makes it hard to find a good bass for him
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Check out a squier jazz bass. They're pretty versatile and I doubt you could get a fender for that price. Maybe second hand though.
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Vintage Modified Squier Jazz methinks.

(Timmy C or RATM and Audioslave uses Jazz basses).

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