plz let me know what you guys think....

if I sold my soul
then id already be gone
and id still be there lyin
6 feet under your front lawn
oh i believe
the voices i hear in my head
i believe
they wont stop until i am dead

i remember the days
when time wasnt so lame
when people werent afraid
but people are all the same
oh i believe
that your god believes in me
i believe
that its just how it seems

i imagine the future
simultainiously present in the next dimension
moving backwards in motion
where the end isnt lifes intention
oh i believe
life is a window
i believe
oppertunity is the wind that blows.....in.

if you could look beyond the contradiction
quantum molecules creating friction
its been made ot bring about mass confusion
maybe its just a ****'n ilillusion
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