Hi everyone,
I'm a college student looking to build my graphic design and web design portfolio and I wanted to offer my services as a web designer or graphic designer. I don't build myspaces or any other social networking site, but if you need a real website set up or custom made, we can work together to make a really badass website.

If you want to check out my personal website, you can click HERE to see what I can do.

Obviously I would do this as cheaply as I possibly could, for your benefit, and so I can add to my portfolio and expierence. If you're interested, let me know.
im young but determined im working really hard on some material but ill def contact you when its ready
hey i'd just like to let you know, i looked at your work and its really nice.
its good to see some musicians helping each other out
if i ever need some web design i'll know where to go
Maybe tomorrow, depending on what me and my singer get done in the studio, and when our bassist and drummer can get in.
hey, i'm definitely interested in doing a little web-designing. I currently have a host and all that, i just need a good solid design.

It would be really helpful for the both of us (your portfolio and my band's promotion/business side)

you can email me at cjb2293@yahoo.com