ok me and a friend are in an argument about something

he says that B tuning(BEADGB) is 1 FULL STEP below C tuning(C-F-A#-D#-G-C) and i know hes wrong he dont believe me the music notes go in order from:


reply back plz thanks
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if he doesnt believe that there is nosuch thing as a B# (unless you are talking enharmonics) then slap him with a large wet cod from youre local store and then laugh as he is swarmed by buzzards
You're right.

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You're correct. There is no note between C and B so B is only a half-step down from C.
awesome! thanks everyone im getting 10 bucks
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If you require further proof, look at a piano. No black key between E and F and B and C, these intervals are halfsteps.
Unless you say H instead of B, that way the B would be full step bellow C...
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Unless you say H instead of B, that way the B would be full step bellow C...

Thats only correct for Europeans who dont speak english (or only in Germany???). The english language doesnt know the "H" as a note, they just call it B. What we call "B", they call "A#" or respectively "B♭"
So nobody please gets confused about this!!
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I remember when I got my parts for the Brahms Piano Concerto #2 and my part was in H basso. I assumed that B was still B and H was Bb, so I learned my entire part off a half-step. Orchestra director was not too happy with me first rehearsal.

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