Ots. C4C ( leave link )

Her silence made me think that maybe I am hideous;
that maybe there’s no one who cares;
that we’ve constructed our distance
and ended up rebuilding the walls we once smashed.
And maybe it’s just my feelings that backlash;
maybe I’m already erased
and as unrecognizable to her as she is to me.
And though I managed to kill her,
there are a few signs her spirit has left,
like some charades to conclude
that she's more alive than me.
And she still chills my spine;
and she makes my hands shake;
and she leaves me hating myself
more than I hate her;
and my heart still blasts euphorically,
desperately trying to rip off my chest,
so he can slap me in the face for her.
He’ll try to wake me up and clear my mind,
so he can shove the truth my brain declines:
I still miss her so fucking much...

I think I don't need a crit on this, just a read is nice.
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I don't know if this is powerful just because all those feelings are still so raw at the moment or if it's just a damn brilliant piece. Probably both.
C4c, but you don't want a critique? I don't understand why I'm reading this if you don't want my help, buddy
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I know that this is basically a month old resurrection, but I clicked on the link and connected with this so deeply that words can't describe it. Or rather words can, and you did.

Please don't change anything.