Ok so i was playing my guitar couple days ago and everything was fine.. now when i plug the cable in and turn on my amp all i get is a buzzing sound anyone know what could be causing this? and how to fix it?
if it only produces buzzing,and you can´t get any sound from your guitar, maybe something on the input has broken. that happened to me a few days ago. you should take the amp to an electrician. better leave the job to especialized people xD
That could be a couple things.

Check the input Jack on your amp, to do this wiggle the cable around while it's plugged in, like pushing and holding it up and down and to the side.

Also check the input jack on your guitar, the ground could have come loose, this happens alot on my guitars. While your at it, check all the grounds on your guitar.

I DO NOT RECOMEND opening your amp up at all. But if your going to do it, at least take my advice on it. DO NOT TOUCH THE CAPICITORS they hold electricity and large ones can knock you out cold from electrocution, and some can kill. If you don't know the difference between those and the others, you should not even be looking in your amp.

Ok, now with that out of the way. Sometimes a capicitor will come loose and will need to be resoldered. Other things can come unsoldered too, but capacitors are the most common, becuase they get very hot and unsolder themselves. So after letting your amp sit for about 10 hours to be safe. Just know the risk your taking beucase some capicitors will hold juice untill they are drained. After you have let your amp sit, just go through and wiggle all the capacitors. If you feel one thats loose, you have to unscrew the board, and and find the one that's loose and resolder it. If you don't know how pm me.

You should unscrew the board anyways, if your going to look at it that far, and check for any blackish red or dark brown solder, this means that that component burned up. But ussually the amp won't just hum or buzz if that happens.

For anything else, pm me.
Might be the cable. If it doesn't buzz when the cable it unplugged I'd be changing cables.
^cable or guitar output jack.

is the jack loose? if so, dont hand tighten it.

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