Get a tattoo on your back of a picket sign saying "This is for retards" in big red letters. Then go to the nearest picket line and march around with your shirt off.
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Make a sign that says "Picketing is for losers."
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I got a similar thing from playing too much Pokemon.

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make a thread asking for help from the pit. with the subject "Pit, I need your help" which EVERYONE who needs help from the pit says instead of stating their problem in a short sentence in the subject. god thats annoying
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when you are asked to picket gather your friends into a picket against the picket....that should confuse them enough that they'll leave you alone altogether
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Touch yourself at night.
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Touch yourself at night.

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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when you see a group of picketeers,? go around with fire and burn the signs. in a group.
screw church burnings. the new thing is picket burnings
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Touch yourself at night.

No it doesn't help. I've been trying for years, but they just don't stop!
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i have the solution what you do is you find people picketing against gay marriage or something like that then you casually walk by and yell PICKETING IS FOR ***S
the end to picketing
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haha finally someone who knows good mitch hedberg jokes.

so you aren't really against picketing

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