Would getting the Boss Blues Driver be better than using the built in distortion/overdrive for this amp? I play classic rock, blues, and ska. Thanks for the help
You'd have to try it and let us know. I have a C30 and don't use the crunch channel at all. You really need pedals. But I can't say anything about that Boss pedal.
Depends on your opinion of "better"
I have a C30 and like Fly135 I dont use crunch, I use pedals. Friend of mine has one, and he doesn't use pedals because he considers the amps crunch "better"

go and demo the pedal on your amp and preferably with your guitar
Its a matter of a opinion, but I would guess the drive would be better.

The thing is you could use the blues driver or other OD pedals for a small boost on the clean channel for a SRV sort of thing, or on the drive channel for more gain.

My 2 cents.
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