I have an old Squier Strat sitting around and I just wanna know what are some cool things I could do. Im thinking a new pickguard and maybe a killswitch. I want to make it a better playing guitar.
And another question. If someone could tell me how to take the finish off so I can do it again in a different color, that would be great.
How is a new pickguard an kill switch going to make it play better?

Spend your money on pups, setup and fretwork I say.
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You can replace the pickups, tremolo, tuners ect. that will vastly help your playing check out my squier in my sig, I modded it and now it plays really good, for removing the finish you use paint thinner and a chisel which is what I did.

Go to Guitar Fetish.com to get expensive parts for you guitar and have fun modding it!
There's a Finishing/Painting thread stickied at the top of the page you'll probably want to look at.

New pickguards are easy to install.

As for the killswitch, I'd say do it if you want to, but I doubt you'll ever touch the thing again after a few days of playing around with it.

If you're looking for some new sounds on the cheap, I'd say have a look at the Ultimate Guitar Wiring thread for some ideas; Series/Parallel, Out of Phase, Coil Splitting, that kind of stuff.
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Some things I'm doing to my squier

-scalloping the fretboard
-staining fretboard ebony
-new pickguard
-new pickups
-GFS superstrat mod
-Possibly the N-tune built in tuner

Could also change the bridge, tuners, nut, new paint job, paint the neck, different wiring, reshape the body/headstock....
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bridge, tuners, new nut, pups, rewire, refinish, scallop frets, the list goes on and on and on, but the first three i listed are imho necessary
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