So about 20 minutes ago I notice that the input for my guitar was loose. I have a ESP LTD DV8-R. So I unplugged the cord from my amp and my guitar and proceed to tighten it so that it was not loose. After I did it and plugged it back into my amp, I started to play and notice that a great deal of my distortion was gone. If any one has a clue to why this would happen please let me know. Also I have one knob that keeps turning after volume is max. I'm starting to wonder if maybe it could have disconnected a wire.
check the control cavity and see if there are any loose wires, plus if your guitar needs one, check the battery. if it's a late model DV8-R, it'll have a pair of black nickel-colored live wire pickups, which require a 9-volt battery.
I took a look at the wires inside but didn't really notice if anything was loose. I'm just going to take it into guitar center tomorrow and see what the hell is wrong with it. And yeah it is a later model but I appreciate your help, thanks.
try replacing the battery if you have actives, check all your wires are not loose at all, plug a jack in and make sure it is making proper contact with the contacts, then go to eletric guitar with pics. they solve stuff...
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was it actually distortion in the first place or just noise caused by a poor connection that you fixed.