So I finally decided on a new amp and got a Mesa Solo 50. But I have some questions.

Whenever I use the effects loop all my pedals just give feedback no matter where I put the knob.

How do I use the solo boost?

And if I mix warehouse speaker Veteran 30's with Celestion g-75's would it sound sweet?
What pedals are you putting in the loop? And how old are the preamp tubes?

To use the solo function the loop has to be on. (Not bypassed) set the volume a little higher on the solo pot. Than hit the footswitch and your in business.

That speaker combo sounds great with a Recto by the way.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.
Hm I have two delays a chorus and a phaser, oh and a tuner.

Good to know about the speakers, 4 gt-75s sounds a little to bassy to me.

Oh and I dunno about the preamp tubes, I bought it used.
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I also bought a used on 2 weeks ago. What an amazing amp. You definitely need to go to the boogie website and download the owners manual. The eq's are different than other amps.
Yeah I know, I've been playing with the EQ's since I bought it, that treble knob is just unreal one slight turn and its totally different. It was the amp I wanted since I started playin guitar.