Ok, so im looking for a wah pedal ( probly gonna get the crybabay) On guitarcenter.com it says at the bottom of the page for the wah, that you "must have" these items. i will ost all three links. first one is the wah, and the next 2 are the ones that say "must have". oh, and i dont have anything for pedals right now btw. no cables or anything. thanks



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If you're only planning on getting the wah at the moment, then you don't need the other 2 things
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yes, you must have 2 wahs. it's practically the law.
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the cables are for coupling pedals into a chain. if you only use the wah, just get another guitar cable.
The pedal jumper cables are only if you have more pedals that you would hook up to it. And you don't need a Multi Power Brick thing. You may need a DC plug for it, or it may run on batteries. But you don't NEED either. just a way to get you to spend for money. :P
Technically, you don't NEED any of this stuff.

Just an amp, chord, and guitar.

In reality, its good to have extra strings, pedals if you want them, a strap, maybe a stand, stuff like that.

So in short, none of that stuff is a "must have", but the brick can help if you have a lot of pedals to power, the patch chords are great for connecting said pedals together, and a wah pedals is many people's first pedal.

In the end go out and try all the pedals you can, and if you decide that you want them and get them than their is some obviously some stuff that will help a great deal.

(On a side note, don't believe what GC says, their just trying to sell you stuff.)
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Get the Wah, and get a 9V adaptor, although you may find it cheaper at an electronics store rather than at a music store.
no you dont need a dc power brick, although it will be useful if you plan on having a collection of pedals, otherwise you can just run your crybaby off a 9volt. The jumper cables I have no clue what they are for.

But essentially, you can just order the crybaby and get yourself some cables and some batteries and your good to go!
if you dont have any pedals then you dont need the 12 inch cables (they're pedal-pedal cables). and if you only have one pedal you dont need some multi pedal mega brick thing. though an ac power supply is very useful you dont need a $120 one that powers 10 different things. thats not a must have, thats just unnecessary
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For the love of god, do NOT get a crybaby unless you plan to mod the crap out of it.
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Generally, when a store advertises something as a "must-have item", you don't literally have to get it.