Are there any sites online that have free software for ear training or are there good lessons online for that? I didn't know where else to post this sorry.
read my blog i just put up. that should help.
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as well as musictheory, just play along to cds. this skill is being lost with guitar pro and 1zillion tabs available.
While listening to you favourite songs, try to play along with it. Don't pause to find notes.If you play a wrong note only try to figure out the not before the next note is played, once the next note is played skipped straight to finding that note. If you have the first note the next note should be easy to figure out because you should be able mentally tell if its a semitone, tone or a few tones apart and translate that into the guitar. In the beginning you might miss by a tone or semi-tone but as you progress it should get easier. It makes it easier if you figure out the scale first, then you know what not to play (it isn't always the case with figuring out the scale, a note not in the diatonic scale could still be played so don't let this limit you).

Keep in mind this is just my advice. I'm not telling you what to do, you can change any of these variables to make it easier for you.