I'm thinking about buying a used one and throwing my AT&T sim card into it. Will I have to pay for the data plan if I do this? Or can I keep paying my current phone bill and be fine? A friend of mine did this, but he bought an unlocked one, and has T-Mobile. Just curious if I have any extra fees if I do this.
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I'm not sure, but I don't think you can put your sim card into it. Also, you will need an unlimited data plan.
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You have to take it to the Apple store to activate it, and pay a buttload of money if it is the 3G or 3Gs. But if you are just getting the 2G, you can unlock it, and use it as a regular phone. You won't be able to get on the internet if you don't have a data plan.
you will still need to pay extra for a data plan.
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the iphone sim card is different than a regular sim card or thats what i was told when i got my iphone 3g. so as far as i know you cant do that.
You need the retarded $30 a month data plan to make an iPhone work,

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