Are the Line 6 PODs good multi-effect pedals? If they are, which model should I get? If not, what are some good multi-effect pedals? My budget's $400.

gotta be careful with multi-effects pedals. some sound like complete **** on the settings that you need such as overdrive or distortion. my guitarist uses a floor pod, and it sounds fine when playing in a small room. when we play shows however, the larger room kinda janks the sound.
With a $400 hundred dollar budget, you would almost be better off just buying the pedals you DESPERATELY need right now, and gradually adding to your pedal board.
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I'd look into the Zoom G9.2tt

Its twin tube distortion is tops on some amps, and it has a slew of presets and effects. It goes for about 300 on ebay. The 3d pedal is something that you'll never see on any other multi unit. The older Boss GT boxes arent bad, Ive heard great things. Modeling technology has come a long way, and theres more on the horizion. I've played the Zoom a bunch, as my Lead Guitarist uses it, and it rocks. You need a degree in buttonolagy to use the damn thing, but the effects control on that 3d pedal is nuts. The Tubes really bring it to life.

Watch the review on Youtube if you need to see it in action.
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