A new song I wrote after listening to "A Looking in View" a few times

By: CGB89 Copyright (c) 2009

The footsteps creep up on me,
Across the liquid floor,
A brittle man is climbing,
Towards the broken door,
The vines spiral up the tree,
Down to the blackened shore,
I want so bad to be free,
But still crawl back for more,

You, crawl across the jagged floor,
On your knees and hands,
Mirror, distorts twisted views,
Shards of glass in sands,

The silence burns through my veins,
Into my rotten core,
Pictures of you hide my shame,
My heart confuses yours,
To you, this is just a game,
A twisted mind distorts,
I can't remember my name,
Voice in my head reports,

I, scrawl warnings into the floor,
On my knees and hands,
Mirror, shatters wishful views,
Shards of glass in sands
Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster
Epiphone G-400
Line 6 Spider
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

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