So this song simply has cool riffs and nice beats.


And yes, it's a song from a video game, more specifically Unreal Tournament 1999, but it's gotta be the coolest song from any video game ever. I tried tabbing it myself but I quickly realized that I don't have the patience needed to do a proper job. I added the sparse beginning of the tab to this post, for guidance, if nothing else.

I'm hoping to see some valid attempts at tabbing it, atleast
Alright, it's been 7 years already, and I'm a real necro bumping this thread, but still...

I was so deep in nostalgie I decided to write down a Razorback tab to play for myself (I'm bot drummer and guitarist).

The tab is far not perfect at some places, but still I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
It is around 40%~50% complete.

Any contribution is highly appreciated

P. S. A link to rendered MP3: http://static.andrewdunai.com/public/rb.mp3
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