Is there a web site that tells you the exact settings to turn your effect stomp box pedals to? Like it I wanted to play Breathe, would there be anything to show where to set your phaser effect settings to?

For instance, in guitar world magazines, they show you what to set all your pedals to, before they show you the tab. Can anyone give me a link of something to a site that has a good selection of guitar settings to songs.
You could try a site called www.gilmourish.com. It has a bunch of his setting for different albums on there.That would be your best bet.
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its a leslie
and gilmourish is a good site
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What kind of phaser are you using? I'm pretty sure he used a MXR Phase 90 on that album.
It coulda been a leslie like enemy120 said.
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I have the boss phase shifter.

I hate gilmourish dot com. It's so annoying, it sucks. It doesn't tell you what settings to put them on, just what he used. I don't have his set up, but I know he used a phaser, and I'm sure I can set mine close.

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its a leslie
and gilmourish is a good site

really? It is? I don't have a leslie...
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Look closer.

Gilmourish.com >
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that still serves no purpose.