Who here has read the series? I've read all of them except for Vs. Army of Darkness, and I'm waiting for the last installment of Midnight Sons.

To be honest, I am not a comic fan, but once I saw these at Barnes and Noble, I was obliged to pick one up. Not because I am a comic fan (I'm not), but because I am a zombie fan. And MZ is absolutely fantastic.

Not only is it fucking gory, it's hilarious and gives the superheroes much more personality. These are not your ordinary zombies. These are zombies that can jump, run, fly, and the main title group (Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Luke Cage, Giant Man, Wolverine) actually talk and play poker with each other. Undead.

There's absolutely nothing bad that I can say about MZ simply because ANYONE can pick it up and enjoy it.

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