I'm thinking of getting one of the 401 series of ESP LTD guitars. Probably either the V-401 or EX-401. Haven't figured it out, I'd like to try playing both body styles to see how they feel.

Are they a good guitar for the money? Looks like I can expect to pay around $600 or so for one new.

Would one be significantly better than my LTD EC-50?

Playing rock & metal.

As far as neck feel goes, the you wont notice much difference between the guitars until you start getting into the 1000, or ESP range, as they're just the same guitars with different pickups and better painted. The EMG pups are a big step up from the ESP LH-150s, they just sound a lot less sloppy and are naturally higher gain which is good for us hard rockers..

as for shapes,
Almost everyone I know who has bought an explorer or V regrets it to this date.
Personally i'd buy a horizon, which is possibly my next guitar (or a gibson)


EDIT: go to the store and play one before you buy, even if you're going to buy online. Good thing about ESP is the guitars don't vary in factory quality as a lot of brands like gibson and fender do
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The only reason I've considered the V is that I always play sitting in the "classical" position, and it looks like the V would fit pretty well like that. Maybe, maybe not, I'll have to try one out.
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I have a 400, but 401 is the exact same specs just a year newer. I love mine great guitars i love the pickups and the pickups would be a hell of an upgrade from your 50

The difference is where the guitar is made, the 400 series was korea while the 401 series is Indonesia.
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umm there would be a monumental change form the 50 to the 401! better wood better pickups better tuners better finish better neck joint better guitar by a mile! and as for the shape i know someone who ones an explores (though its a gibby not an esp) and its plenty comfortable enough and as for the v ive played a few and their alright to but see if you can play it first because ive played some v's where the neck was heavier than the body and it was really weird to play sitting or standing