So my mate says i shouldn't sit with the guitar how i sit

I have a normal shape guitar, but i sit like it's a V shape because it's easier for me to play and slide down the fretboard

I heard this was called "classic" position or something

is it bad sitting like this?
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its like most other things with guitar... completely up to personal preference


i hav a V and when i switch to my ibanez, sometimes i find myself playing it the the V position.
whatever's more comfortable to you. I play both ways with both my Warbeast and DKMG, just whatever i'm feeling that day. Some people say that they find sitting with the bottom on their right leg and the cut out on their left feels more like how they hold the guitar when they're standing up and playing
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i heard somewhere that it puts less strain on your right hand and wrist.... could have been bs though
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i sit on my bed cause all my stuffs in my room

the way i sit, the guitar is just like it would be if i was standing up ^^

its agood way to practice for me
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I've heard the classical position is the "proper" way to play sititng down. It puts the guitar in a position that puts less strain on your hands.
I think classical position is the most comfortable and allows for the easiest movement but obviously if you're playing a gig you probably won't be able to play like that unless you have your strap short so the guitar is higher up.