Been going through some emotional ups and downs and thus this resulted, by no means finished however. There's alot I could do with the lead but I just couldn't fit all my ideas in the short song.

Any critiques welcome as I plan on improving this or doing something more with it.

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Hey man I really like this. Really like some of those lead lines. Very melodic and a little ethnic vibe too, which is awesome. Love the intro. This is cool man I hope you develop it. It could be awesome with some percussion coming in later on in the track like when it builds up.

But otherwise this would stand on its own fine without any percussion. Nice work man. I could easily listen to more of this.

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you have quite some creativity! good job, very unique!
personally I liked it!
sounds good. everythings seems to fit. i like the single notes you play toward the end it gives it like an indian dessert sort of feel to it. just needs some drums and it will be very good. check out my song it has the same laid back feel as yours.
Lovin' the trippy intro, with the volume swells. The chord progression was really cool, and the leads over them were quite good. The whole thing is very atmospheric. Like the eastern sounding scales. The quality wasn't perfect, and I could hear little bits of fuzz bits at a couple parts. But this song could be really awesome, just develop it more, and build it up to a climax, add drums, and this could be like a 6 minute epic man.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1157905
Critiquing as I go:

-I enjoy the synthetic sounds in the intro
-The guitar tone is very nice
-I like the interaction between the chords and the leads. Most music I listen do doesn't have an extensive amount of noticeable rhythm guitar.
-The swells are pretty sweet. I love that effect and haven't heard it much in a regular song.
-The lead lines are pretty nice and melodic. The effects (and even more the way you play) really adds a bit of an ethnic vibe as well, which is cool.

This song has a lot of emotion in it. I can kind of sense that even without reading your post. Your recording quality is also very nice. I would personally suggest some light drums (mostly based on cymbals and light bass drum usage). I think that cymbals really can add a good effect to this style of music. I would also consider some additional ambient synth sounds. This song has a very distant, almost space rock type of vibe. I am not really talking about polysynths, but more of just rhythmic ambient noise. Besides these suggestions, this is a great piece. If you extended it and added some vocals it would be even more interesting. If you do this, I would highly suggest extending the intro prior to the guitar with some more synthetic ambiance (and perhaps some samples). That is, at least, what I would do so as to build some tension (as if there isn't any already, haha).
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