Since I got my guitar 4 months ago, I have played every day except for one day that I couldnt because I was in hospital. Even if it was only 10 minutes ofd jamming, I still played, but usually I practiced for a lot longer. I feel.... worn out. I just played for an hour practicing two riffs tin Welcome to Bucketheadland. My arm is just tired. It doesnt really hurt, like from bad posture, I just think it needs a rest.
Is this normal after months of constant practice?
How long should I take off from playing?
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For me, its nice to take a day off once in awhile. This helps me both mentally and physically.
Physically because it gives u a break.
Mentally because it makes you itch to play, so you have more fun when you get back to it.

As for quick breaks during practice, I don't do that. It just throws me off focus.
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I find that breaks help me. I had a distinct plan set out for my practice. Going back between the 2 riffs every 10 minutes. Doing each one 3 times for a 60 minute practice. But 30 mins in, I fellt I was tensing up to muc, so I got up, walked around and stretched for 10 minutes and when I got back I was more focused and had less tension. I do that any time my arm hurts in the slightest way.

For this thread, I am specifically talking about longer breaks.
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I never take pause break during praice session, beacause I'm not a focused person, and when I get the focus , I keep it, but once in a while, yeh I take a day off, and when I come back the day after I have the urge to play alot of thing
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Usually halway through my practice I take a 5min. break to get some water or something
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