Hey everyone!

I just purchased a new Brice HXB-406 6-string fretless bass, which I love
I got it for $300 which is a cheap price, but it is a quality instrument. It came with a very poor quality brand of strings which I made the misfortunate mistake of buying twice. The strings practically came dead, they are very thin and dull. The worst part is that my B string is completely dead. The string stops vibrating almost instantly after I pluck it. Right now I am a little short on money so I was wondering if anyone knew a way to make my B string have more a little sustain. I have heard of boiling the strings, but I do not know if that will work on flatwound/new strings. I know that my bass is not the problem because i temporarily replaced the B with an E and it sounded fine. Any ideas, or should I just wait and buy a brand of strings that I trust?
Thanks for the advice. Also, if I use strings that aren't flat would, will they damage the fretboard?
Flat wound is totally safe on fretboards. The only thing to fear is Round would strings on a fretless bass that is untreated.
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if the bass is fretted it is pefectly safe to use roundwound strings.

I'm having a similar problem with a bass I recently bought, next time I have £'s I'm gonna get a heavier gauge of strings (prob. Warwick reds, I've got them on my other bass and quite liked them, and they're cheap too!) I don't know for sure if that'll solve the problem but having more tension should -> more sustain.

however, It might simply be the fact that they are flatwound that is causing the "dead" sound. although I've neveractually bought flatwound strings I have heardthey give you a duller, more bassy sound. Personally, I don't change my strings very often atall, the last pair I bought have lasted me about 2 1/2 years.
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He said the bass is fretless.

You will know is the fretboard is treated as there will be a coating on the wood.
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I don't think that would help because even playing an open has no sustain

EDIT: or do you think I am just over-judging it because I am so used to roundwound strings?
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Probably because they're flatwounds....they do sound duller.
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Well, im going to get some Elixir strings pretty soon, so I hope they sound good.
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