Hey everyone, I'm composing a piece for a production at my school, and I was given a roland xp-10 synthesizer with a midi device in order to compose and create a digital file of my music.

if only I could get the damn thing to work!!!!
I have the synth and the midi device plugged into all the correct jacks. However, the midi device and the keyboard are not showing up on garageband or anywhere on my mac. In the garageband preferences section, it says "0 MIDI devices detected."
My teacher said that we MIGHT have to download something in order to get it to work, which after some research I assumed was a driver...I CANNOT find any downloadable driver for this model anywhere on the web. I downloaded one that I thought was most similar to this model, but no dice. It didn't do ****!
Also, on my midi device (the Midiman) it has three lights: one labeled "in," "out," and "USB." I assume those are to indicate whether or not the device is plugged in correctly, and although all the plugs are in the right place (believe me: usb in usb port, in is in "in" jack and out is in "out" jack), the lights aren't coming on...so I'm beginning to think that maybe the midi device is dead or there's something wrong with it?

I'm pretty positive I DON'T need an audio interface with this. The midiman has a usb attached to it.

I am 100% new to all of this, so really any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
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no no

Just pause and think for a second

In port on the Midiman is to send stuff into the PC, out is to send stuff out of the PC.

In port of the XP-10 is to send stuff into the XP-10, out is to send stuff out of the XP-10.

So it's in-out and out-in.

Anyway, if you had actuallly researched what MIDI was you would have found out that MIDI IS NOT SOUND, therefore you will not end up with a sound file, you will end up with a MIDI file which is useless unless you're performing live or writing mobile ringtones

Get an audio interface if you want to record music. UCA202 - cheapo solution.

EDIT Quick explanation of MIDI:

Say you wanted your keyboard player to play something. You start making elephant noises, so the keyboard player imitates them. That's sound.

Say you told your keyboard player to play a C followed by a D. That's MIDI. Computer instructions, but not sound.

MIDI is incredibly important for keyboard players, but at the end of the day what comes out is audio.
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Alright, let me give you an explanation of what I want to do. Like I said, I am completely new to this, so maybe the facetiousness wasn't really necessary.

I am trying to record multiple parts (eg clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, etc) on the keyboard, so I can put together a piece, that hopefully the dancers in the show will be able to listen to. Eventually, I think I will be able to import the file into the computers at school, where I can use sebelius to let me get the notation for each individual part.

if that wasn't helpful at all, sorry. I'm just trying to go by this the simplest way possible and the way my teacher said would work, and he didn't say anything about an audio interface. Does an audio interface have additional in/out plugs and cables? Because midiman only has 3, so I don't really know how I would do in/out and in/out. I just sort of thought that the USB port counted for something like that. I also thought that garage band could use the midi messages to create and record sound, but if I'm totally wrong, then I'm wrong. Obviously I just need some more background/clarification!
OK, so basically you want to compose on the PC, using the keyboard just to hear what you've done. You then want to print off sheet music for the musicians to play live. No problem. It was just kind confusing what you wanted to do.

An audio interface is to get audio into the USB port. You don't need it unless you're posting MP3's to your dancers. The MIDI interface is to get MIDI into the USB port. That's what you want.

OK, back to MIDI vs audio. MIDI is like sheet music. If you send it to keyboards they play your music. However you can't "directly" get sound from it - you need to send it to the keyboard and then record the keyboard with an audio interface.

Here's a diagram of how the 2 work:

Now, if your dancers only need a quick listen, then you can just bring the keyboard and the PC over to show them, or if your school PCs have garageband just load up the project and connect your keyboard like at home.

However if you need to send them say an MP3 of the track you'll need an audio interface to get the sound from the keyboard back into the PC to record it.

I'm probably confusing you. I'd recommend reading this if you want to fully understand it.

Good luck...
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def check out the www.tweakheadz.com site

your going to need a VSTi in order to turn the midi data into actual sound.
check out:
www.dskmusic.com (has some decent brass and strings here)

^and those are free ones!

your also going to need a DAW to host the VSTi, I would recomend REAPER as its free to use and cheap to buy (60bucks)

if you wanted something more "pro" then you could look into protools,cubase,blahblahblah (search www.musiciansfriend.com for more)

hopefully your input doohicky midi to usb thing isn't jacked up.

good luck

Thank you so much. my director sent me a driver to download, so now it's being recognized, however it's still not able to play. I'll take a look at the website and try to figure it out some more! This was really helpful.

edit: sike! it's working perfectly now. thanks!
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