Just got my BC Rich NJ Series Bich in today. Haven't really got to play it because I dont have any spare strings hangin around and one broke.. But it LOOKS beautiful and feels great in my hands. Didn't show up in the best condition, I had to condition the fretboard and polish the body, and the strings were so dirty it was terrible. Will take more pics tomorrow when I have strings on it and outside to show off the finish better.

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pics don't work
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Are they still down? Or is it just that no one really cares?
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I personally believe its the ugliest thing a human could lay eyes upon, and should be burned for firewood. ....But if you like it, I guess it's okay.
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Quote by RabbidWolf
Are they still down? Or is it just that no one really cares?

b.c. rich even gets **** from people with squiers on these forums, don't be surprised...
It's all about feel
I like Biches but only double necks and 10-strings. The 6-strings look like they're missing something
The NJ series is good from what i've tried. HNGD!
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Quote by hopespaul
b.c. rich even gets **** from people with squiers on these forums, don't be surprised...

Nice guitar though

Get rid of them BC rich pups though
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Not really a BC fan, but the body looks kinda cool, the head is abit ugly tho

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Well, I thought they overdid the body shape there, too many angles ruined it, but the finish is lovely!

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Good score, man! I have a few Bich NJ series pieces, and a certain 1999 NJ is my first choice for playing (either seated or standing).
IMHO that is a piece that you should make your go-to axe!
I wanna sing to it.
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Edit: you should def. change the pups, I have a seymour duncan in bridge and it's the **** for metal.
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nice bc rich dude, i wish i still had my nj mockingbird. i love that color and i like the old classic shaped head stock. dont know about changin the pups as i play more classsic hard rock than true modern metal, and the rockfords in my "bird" did that just fine.
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woah- what a bunch of haters-

Anyway- best of luck with the new axe.

As for the stock pups- I agree with changing them. If I were you, i'd rip em out and put in some EMGs or Seymour Duncans....unfortunately the BC Rich pups are underpowered.

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I dunno, I went fine in my Warlock with a Dimarzio Evo in the neck and an X2N in the bridge. Sounds awesome now.

B.C. Rich guitars have amazing playability.
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HNGD mate don't listen to all the haters my mate has a NJ mocking bird he loves it
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Congrats, Very nice guitar and a classic BC Rich shape. I have loved Bitches since the day they first came out. NJ series BC Rich guitars are great the LFR should be OK all mine were good. I like BC Rich pick ups they sound and preform decent but the higher end BC Rich guitars use Rockfield Mafia pups and IMHO they make some of the best pups out there for a great price but I prefer their Fat Ass pups. I am not a huge fan of actives I would put a set of passive pups in it.

Happy New Bich Day!
Looks nice, though I don't like the shape.
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Congrats! I don't care what anyone else says, I've always had a deep affection for that body shape. I envy you.
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Hahaha. Probably the best post i've seen from an 08'er.

He was talking about me.
those are THE most comfortable guitar to play in classical stance seriously... congrats!
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those are THE most comfortable guitar to play in classical stance seriously... congrats!

What he said. Very comfortable/playable axe.
not a fan of the shape but the finish is gorgeous and im sure it plays great
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More of a fan of the NJ V.

Still nice. Body is nowhere near as bad as everyone says, HNGD!
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Looks Sweet man, I've always wanted a bich to beat around..
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This guitar reminds me of a Pacman ghost.
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Awesome guitar. Ignore the BC Rich hate. It's mostly the bandwagon **** cuz n00bs like brutalz warl0xxx...
Nice guitar dude!, are those bc rich bdsm pups? Almost got a bc rich myself, HNGD!
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