Finally finished writing the whole thing. Only took like 3 months...

Anyways, the song is very influenced by the song Good Mourning/Black Friday by Megadeth, you know good old classic metal 6-8 minute epics.

I know this song really needs vocals, in the second half of the song is where the vocals are supposed to come in. The solos have their choppy bits, but of course I've only been playing for a year so what do you expect. The rhythms have some mistakes too. I'm not really satisfied with the drums for the first half, because I just couldn't express what I wanted to with a drum sequencer. Right now I'm looking for crit on the song itself, not guitar tone and stuff. My equipment is far from perfect. But if you want to help me get a better tone with what I have that would be good too.

I'm using a cheap Squire beginner guitar, a Vox wah, a Digitech RP 250, and using the usb port on the RP to record. Drums were programmed with Acoustica Beatcraft (with the demo version, too!).

So it's Song With No Name (With Drums!) in my profile, please tell me what you think. I'll crit you back, just leave a link or tell me what you want me to check out.

btw if you for some reason though of a title while listening to it I'd like the know it, this thing really needs a title.
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Serious potential if the guitar tone are better. Let me know if you wanna try some different drums for it, send me the files and i'll see what I can do. You can check out my drums stuff in my profile.
Wow...you've only been playing a year? Hearing that I really, really wouldn't have been able to tell. Your lead skills are brilliant, far exceeding mine. Seriously, that solo in the beginning and the leads with the wah. Sounds like something Kirk Hammett would be playing. You're very good with those solos.

Considering the gear your are working with, I think this song has a ton of potential. A really enjoyable listen and I could hear the influences you mentioned in your first post.

As far as tone, I don't think it's that bad at all. There's always room for improvement with sound quality, but I thought the cleans were fine and even if the lead tone wasn't perfect your playing completely made up for that. Solid rhythm work too, overall a great piece you put together.
The intro was quite emotional too, very good phrasing.

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Thanks guys.

I think I'm fine with the drums for now at least, Evil Man. I left you a comment on the thing in your profile. If I change my mind I'll let you know.
Theres something I dont like about the intro tone and the pick scrape hurt my ears. But the harmonizing in the beginning sounded like Iron Maiden. The palm muted clean guitar sounds pretty good. The octave riff reminds me a lot of Opeth. The clean tone in the middle sounds pretty cool. The whole song is pretty good, no timing issues. What did you use for drums?

Crit. mine?
Hmm...I think you listened to the wrong song buddy...

There's no pick scrape or palm muted clean guitars or octave riffs in this song.
Quote by GuyWithOneEye
Hmm...I think you listened to the wrong song buddy...

There's no pick scrape or palm muted clean guitars or octave riffs in this song.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK I thought it was that metal song. Well...

Nice clean tone and arpeggios in the beginning. The lead tone is beautiful, I love it, seriously. The drums complements everything nicely. Though I cant hear the clean guitar after a while. The thrashy part is very cool. Reminds me of my friends thrash band and early Metallica. But, you need a singer. What do you use for drums?
lol that's ok. Thanks for the crit on both.

It says in the first post, Acoustica Beatcraft. It's a great drum sequencer, but it's a only 7 day demo if you don't want to pay 40 bucks.
ill crit as i write. the constant tapping of the cymbal is a bit annoying, you should phase that out sooner. the melodic clean riff is very nice, great set up. very dynamic solo here, watch your pick noise, very good phrasing and tone. the riff at 1:25 and the one at 1:31 are both good, but too trebly. my advice would be to play those ones at twice the speed, its a cool pattern that would sound great.
drums are finally kicking in, sounding good! the solo is still going strong, but im starting to wish a heavy riff would blast in soon.
wow, quite the change of pace for the first riff. i would fill in some of the empty space but still good, i would build on this riff a little more. something like amon amarth typically do is play a riff that sounds good, but like it has a part missing, which they then bring in, this riff feels like it only needs a couple notes or a particular harmonization with it to really bring down the house!
very solid thrash riffing here, got a good vibe going early metallica style. the constant cymbal crash gets a bit stale after a while, like a metronome click.
guitar playing is spot on, timing and intonation.
second wah solo, sounds great! epic solo. great finish to it.
good little variations on timing and the pedal note in the end riffing.

crit my new metal tune? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1156558

Yeah...I left the hi-hat in to see if people didn't like it there,. because I wasn't sure if I wanted it there or not. I'll probably take that out.

I think the second riff would seem more interesting if I had the rhythm guitar a little higher, maybe. The lead over it was based around all those chords, and the lead kinda harmonizes with the rhythm at some notes, but you might not have heard it well enough because it's so low in the mix.

Actually there's only one solo with the wah, I don't know why people are saying there's two. Only the last solo had a wah.
i listend to song with no name. nice bgenning part. i got the vibe from it i think you were going for. its not my style and almost 7 min is a long song, but this wasent bad. you had my attention the whole time. my mind ident wander. tone was okay, and the playing was great. like you said, it begs for vocals and that would tighten it up for sure. but good job.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20656880#post20656880
I could definitely feel the "Good Mourning/Black Friday" in it. Intro was very similar, yet different enough to where I won't say you copied or anything. I just think the intro was a bit too long. Other than that, it's definitely something I'd listen to. Oh and I liked the drum fill at the end

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1159273
The beginning drags on, but I think it's only because of the percussion. The hihats should come in later... and build up a few layers of percussion until the actual rhythm/beat comes in. And when that came in, it's very cymbal heavy. Maybe they're too loud? The first lead guitar tone needs some work, but the fast shred riff or however that's called sounded pretty good to me. You're a great guitar player and you can compose, do you not sing? Some vocals would make this song an adventure!
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Dude ****ing amazing.
Now I was pretty amazing after playing for a year but dude this blew me away.
You have really great vibrato (especialy after just one year) and your composing is great.
Believe it or not , I like the first lead tone :P
Ok so the thrashy break before the fast stuff wasn't that great. You should've built up to it a bit more. The fast stuff after it was great. The solo was exactly what you would find in a thrash song.
A kinda meh pentatonic solo. Which is all great dude. Once again, props for just playing a year.
Well the idea you got going is nice. But I hate clean build ups in thrash. It's so unthrash.
So minus points on that :P It would've been a great epic-metal Dio kinda song though.

Anyways this **** is ****ing good.

Random title that comes in my head is Flat World.
i like the intro alot. good tone although it was a bit too chorusy for me. lead tone could still be better. the drums were a good addition. once it speeds up you really need bass or some other rythem because it sounds too empty. there we go
i like the new rythm very cool. good job.

thanks for the crit,
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this is like earyl metallica man good stuff i love it and wish i could have played like that after a year it took me a lot longer haha!

i like it just take out the begginning hi hat thing

crit mine? its my acoustic stuff ha but please listen anyway...(im usually a metal/hard rock guy on electric)

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Hey, sorry i'm late !

yeah it sounds like Metallica in the early days!

I like some parts of the begining solo, like at 1:12 (the lick was awesome) and at 1:24 (which was sounding nice too).

I would have liked if the lick at 1:12 was followed by a heavy part, which can be closed by the actual second part at 2:10, but it's good anyway !

I like the third part, and how it starts!

This part sounds megadeth-like, with all the raw that dave mustaine had :p

The solo at 4:40 sounds like kirk hammet, even if I don't like the guy, your solo sounds good and fast enough for thrash metal.

The ending is brutal! I like it

Thanks for the crit!
I dig. I wish I could record stuff and play over it with my bass and bros drum set. Looping with my delay pedal can only do so much. What do use to record?
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A few minor things. Improve your tone. I know you still have cheap gear, and with new gear comes better tone The intro solo was really nice, though it had a tad too much gain, and it was a little too long for my taste. The drum fills in there were appropriate
The riff starting at 3:17 with the drums entering a few measures later was really heavy, it reminded my of Megadeth in some way. That part of the song would be great if you added some vocals to it.
The solo at 4:48 impressed me, it suits the song great

Overall: very nice song. 8/10
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Firstly... you kick ass at metal. I was ambivalent at first; the first lead section was well played melody-wise but had too much midrange in the tone for my taste. Also you should try humanizing your drums maybe; the samples are quite good but they are flat dynamically, especially on the sections where theres only a hi hat or 2 going, and I found it noticeable. The other difficulty I have is with the lead-in at around 3:12 - 3:26; it isnt a very good distortion and the riff seems incomplete or played out of time. I was really impressed once the faster part kicks in at 3:26 - your mixing there is really well done, it reminds me alot (like lots of others have said) of Metallica. Your rhythm guitar in that section could be a little (just a LITTLE) more scooped eq. wise (higher treble + bass, less mids) and a tiny bit louder. The solo is amazing for your 1 year of experience, you really used the wah in a tasteful way.

c4c? my profile, song "Clypaesteroida Iteration 4"
overall: great!
solos: 1st one was a bit too much of the same, but you'll pick up better slow solo skills in time;
the 2nd solo was quite good, but do some more intense slow sweeping with the wah while shredding with sextuplets
tone: its already been said - however, you can use an EQ after you record to give your rhythm balls and your solo's bite
drums: forgettable - in other words: room to improve
songwriting: i can hear the Megadeth, wonderful