I've been looking to get a Strat with plans to change the pick-ups, most likely to humbuckers due to the amount of hum the strats normally come with, but I've been thinking about just getting a HSS instead. I had a Squier Bullet with a humbucker installed and it didn't stop the hum at all.. I'm more than sure it was just the ****ty Squier but I was wondering if the HSS strats tend to be quiet with the humbucker. Also I'm still probably going to switch out the stock pick-ups.
hum could be many things. my friends guitar would hum on his amp, but not mine. whats ur whole set up?

and yeah it may just be ur crappy squier
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my MIM hss strat doesn't hum at all.
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Any specific reason why you want a strat?

Maybe he likes the feel of strats but hates the hum?
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Maybe he likes the feel of strats but hates the hum?

Pretty much nailed it. I generally like most things about them from the sound to the playable feel, but the hum is just, eh. I'm using a Peavy Sudio Pro and a Boss DS1. I've played it through a few other amps and it's got the same problem. I just don't want to waste money on a brand new HSS if it's going to have the same problem as the Squier.
A properly shielded and grounded SSS will considerably less hum than a stock standard HSS.Now a shielded and grounded HSS would be even better than that.Google 'shielding a strat'.
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my old ibanez is HSS. It hums on a few pickup settings with distortion, but it got a lot better after I replaced the selector switch, volume, tone pots, and capacitors.