Your pinky and your ring finger share a tendon so it's almost impossible to keep their movement completely independent of each other but you can significantly reduce how much they influence each other by slowing down and practicing moving each finger individually and focussing on not letting the other finger move. Hope that helped

There's also a finger tapping exercise that is useful, I'll see if I can find a link...

EDIT: Ok, I failed. There's a YouTube vid of this if you want to search for it but I'm at work so I can't The basic idea is lay your hand relatively flat on a table and raise each finger off the table, one at a time. I've also seen a variation where you hold your hand in the air palm up and push your figers upwards (kinda like you're fretting without being near a guitar) and try to limit the amount the other fingers move.
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are you saying that your pinky touches unwanted strings when playing? That just means you gotta practise more dude
Its weird cause I can't really bend my third finger up that high or much, but my pinky is very fluent.