So, anyways, I've been thinking of making my Crate V5 amp, which I've recently modded with new JJ tubes and a better speaker into a head, and making the leftover combo into a nice little 1x10, because I've got a new speaker in it that ****ing roars, its a Warehouse Veteran 10, a really great speaker. I used it as an extension to my Crate VC20 and it was awesome. So I decided to both make a kickass cab and my the guts of the Crate V5 into a head because if the new tubes and the like it actually sounds like 10x better, really deep jazzy cleans. TBH they're better then most amps I've played in the 300-500$ range. And beats the hell out of Blackheart/Blackstar cleans, which are both more expensive then the V5 + Mods. So anyways... Yeah, long wall of text. I do have some questions though.

1: What kind of wood should I use for this? Do I need support struts or anything?
2: Where do I get piping/grill cloth/other stuff to pimp it.
3: What should it look it? I was thinking at first of just covering it in black leather/vinyl like I saw in another topic, but anyone got some cool ideas?
1: Pine or Plywood
2: There was an ebay store that sold all that stuff. Google amp parts or something.
3: You could always cover it in that fluffy stuff:

or velvet, but I would just stick to good old tolex.
Yeah. I was thinking some purple-ish shag, I have a carpet store around here that throws out tons of scrap, so I could probably find, or just ask for just about any kind of carpet stuff...
Purple shag=win.

I'll be watching this cuz I want to do the same with my peavey xxx.
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Okay. I'll check for some stuff on my carpet shop. But for now onto the plan of building the actual head. I'm gonna grab some 1/2" pine boards today, I think 1/2" seems thick enough, I will have a few pieces inside supporting it, and 3/4" wood would make it too ****ing heavy... I would like a head to be able to escape the back breaking pain of moving combos, not to have two heavy things to carry around.

Anyways, any suggestions for glue? I'm going to glue, then screw the pieces of wood together, or do I only need one or the other? Also, WTF, I just measured the head of my Crate v5, and its like... 12" and then like a half of a 8th of an inch longer, and same thing for the depth, its like a 6th of an inch less then 5" deep... Maybe its in Cm?
Well. I figured out my inches problem, my ruler has a 1/4" blank space on either side of the measuring part >_> so the Crate is actually 12" wide and only 4.5" deep >_<

Anyways. I'll be getting some lumber soon, my dad will give me some off his next job, hes in construction, so he'll be getting some good 1/2" plywood, the local lumber store just had a bunch of warped and bent cheap stuff. Though I did find some handles/screws/woodglue stuff. And my local fabric store has cheap tolex, so thats coo.
you should make it look like something completely different. go to the dump and get a microwave, gut it, and set it up so you have to pop the door to change knobs / turn it on or off

would be awesome
XD, I'll look into that. Thats a pretty cool idea. I think I'll save that for my Crate VC20, which I'll be making into a head sometime this winter. After I've got some really good wood and other materials. this is a practice build pretty much.
Glue = titebond, I thought it was just a bandwagon until I tried some titebond III on my guitar build, jawsome stuff

Go with the purple shag that would be epic but if not, go with a classy veneer on top of the pine

for piping and what not check ebay and I think avatar (avatar speakers) sells that stuff on their website

good luck man, I'll be watching
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MAM (that's the nickname I am giving you), 1/2" ply will be fine as long as it is good quality stuff. The best way to do the joints with plywood is a rebate joint. If you can't manage that, you can just do a 90* angle butt joint and use screws to secure it. Obviously that will leave you with screw holes, but if you are going to cover the cab with tolex or other material you won't see the holes. Titebond is good.
Yeah, MAM is my general forum nickname. Been that way for like... my entire interwebz career. And yes. I do have some titebond and I'm planing to do a 90* angle butt joint and glue + screw it. Also I'll likely use some vinyl/tolex from my fabric shop, the carpet store doesn't have any good scraps ATM and i can't order less then like 100$ worth of purple shag D: