So I'm talking with our back-up drummer who says he used to play with On My Honor. He said they are going to get signed. Anyways, have you heard of "On my Honor"? And what do you know about them?


Because if they happen to get signed, that means that he quit (because of school) an almost signed band to be a back-up drummer in an almost band (no official recordings for us, Rising Impact, yet)
They don't look like they are going to get signed at the moment. I could be wrong, but from their myspace page they are not that big yet (5000 friends for a band is not tons). If they were to be signed soon, my guess is a smaller local indie label. However, you never know if one of them is related/good friends with someone in the music business, that could make all the difference. Pretty decent music though. It is definitely marketable enough.