Hey I was just wondering if it was just me but here we go.

I've noticed for the last few months that when I'm at band practice or just jamming with a friend I am pretty bad. I can't do pretty much anything superbly. I do things like, screw up riffs, forget something or just can't remember how the song goes. However when I'm actually playing live or something I play better then I thought I ever could. It's pretty much flawless, well I can't crazy metal tap or shred, but I just play better overall.

I was just wondering, is it just me or does this happen to anyone else?
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You're probably experiencing an adrenaline rush, which makes you euphoric so you may feel as if you're doing better when you're really not.

However, it is most likely due to the fact that at practice, you're not as focused on not making mistakes. It's practice, so it doesn't make much of a difference. You may be focused on not making them but you still will, because your still learning the muscle memory and stuff. Then when you play live, you're extremely unlazy and very careful to not make mistakes.
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I find I can play a lot better when I'm playing with other people in general, as opposed to by myself. It's probably just a psychological thing though.
pressure can be great, forcing you to focus, same thing happens to me all the time.
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Yeah this happens to me. Even if someone else is watching me play I do better, probably cause I'm lazier if I know no one is listening
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On a good day i do better live but other times i do worse than in practice. I've had a gig filmed and watched it back thinking "i don't normally play that good".
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