If I get a right-handed acoustic electric bass, what needs to be done to convert it to left handed? Is it as easy as changing the strings or is there more to it?
From my limited experience, you would also have to change the nut. an e string is not gonna fit in the space of a g string. I have no idea how a g would do in the e string space. it would fit, but i don't know if you would have problems.
Shouldn't be heard at all. Might want to flip your bridge too. Not sure if its necessary though. Probably not actually but the idea's still there.
I am still new to bass and instruments in general so correct me if I am wrong.

Would you be able to remove the nut, and glue it back in flipped the other way around?
If you go to Graph-tech's website, they have all types of nuts. Measure yours carefully, and you can find a match on their that will fit.
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Ya you can do it. Just get a new nut and maybe get it set up later. It would prob be a little unconfortable to play but it's do able. The bridge would be backwards, but you could prob still play it ok.
Thanks guys. I know it would be easier to get a left handed bass, but I kind of short on money and right handed seems to be cheaper and easier to find.
Then you will need a new nut. And to the guy who posted earlier about the bridge needing to be flipped......wouldnt work, it would either face the wrong way or be upside down
I have had experience with this with my piece of junk Dean bass, which they threw together using right handed pieces, and the only string i had problems with the bridge with was the e string, and we took a drill to the whole to make bigger guages fit.

The only problem I could forsee if you went righty is the fixes you would have to make, and not having a cutout to reach the higher frets.
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