So,the last installment of the popular Sci-Fi franchise is to air on,or to better say around since the air date is on TBA status,first of November 2009.

I found it to be a great joy,since the series finale gave me little answers,so I wanted to find resolution in this,until i found the following description:

"This final installment of Battlestar Galactica comes in the form of a Syfy Channel television movie. The special event will follow the stories of the human-form Cylons on the Galactica and on Caprica during the preparation for the massive Cylon attack on the Colonial homeworlds."

Don't you find this a bit irritating?It's pretty much like the scheme pulled on Crysis:warhead.If i hate one thing more than a lousy prequel,that's the same story just on the other side.

I want to find out what happens on Earth,and oh yeah[Warning,major spoiler alert if you haven't watched S04E20] the lousy move ,of setting us,on earth 150,000 years later is quite stupid.Why,well for one reason because that makes the whole storyline IRRELEVANT!We know that no matter what happens the human race will survive,which kinda kills the whole joy of watching it for me.

And also,I wanna know what happened to Kara Thrace.BTW,everyone going their own separate way,bad move guys,real bad.

Season 1 had me like ^o)
season 2 had me the same way
season 3 had me :/
4 had me
and finale had me with a meeh face on

And oh yeah,since Baltar and Caprica Six are both alive 150,000 years ago that means that the resurrection process is once again operative,and that either Baltar is at last a Cylon or that the process can be performed on humans!
Hodam,a stojim...