so, my brother bought a guitar with sharpie marks on them, and would like a way to remove them without damaging the finish. we've tried isopropal alchol water, and a few other things.
That's weird . . . In my experience Sharpie comes right off (and I'm still mad about that :p). Could it have been lacquered on? idk.
Sounds pretty permanent. Paint thinner would probably eat away at the finish. Cover it up with stickers?
Quote by Matt420740
Fingernail polish definately will.
Er, no. Fingernail polish will just cover it up.

Acetone-based nail varnish remover should take it off though (insert smug face here). However be careful not to buy really strong stuff. There's some made by... I've forgotten the company and I'm too lazy to grab the bottle. Anyway, there's some types which are made for sensitive and fragile nails that are obviously not as strong as other types - use that. Just dab a bit onto a ball of cotton wool and gently rub it over the mark in circular motions. It should be strong enough to remove the pen but weak enough to not damage the finish of the guitar. If you rub a bit too hard though then it might take off some of the shine off the guitar but it won't eat through the finish completely.
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Quote by MrFlibble
Er, no. Fingernail polish will just cover it up.

He probably meant remover, polish certainly wouldn't.

Just keep dabbling with the already mentioned, TS. It should work eventually.
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