ok well i do not know many chords that work well with harmonic minor scales.
and right now im working on a song in the key of a and im using alot of octave stuff in there. its kind of like dee by ozzy ousbourne. i was just wondering if people could give me a list of chords or direct me to something that shows me chrods that work well in the key of a minor.
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i know the a minor chord buit i want to know higher chords around 5th position
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A minor in 5th position

Pretty much exactly what he asked for.
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Pretty much exactly what he asked for.

we have a winner then.
I agree with the other guys but I guess you want to be told instead of learning theory so.... A harmonic minor is A B C D E F G#... So you have A minor, B diminished (don't use diminished unless your sure of what your doing), C Augmented (not too good either), D minor, E major, F major, G# diminished... I think that is how it works... So your best bet A minor, D minor, E major, F major but in the end use whatever sounds good it doesn't have to be in the scale. And just cause they are all in the same scale doesn't mean it will work with whatever lead line you have. I think it is better to start with the chords and develop the lead later personally.
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I would suggest learning chor construction, and how to harmonize a scale. Then learn how to add extensions to your chords.