I like radiohead better, but why are these bands always compared? I don't know much about muse, but from what I've heard, I don't think they're really that similar.

Oh yeah, and I guess one of the main things is that Thom Yorke's and Matt Bellamy's vocal styles are similar, but really, you'd have to be pretty daft or unfamiliar to not be able to tell them apart.
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You aren't allowed to make "Vs." threads.

And they aren't that similar at all.
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Why do people keep comparing the two? They really don't sound alike at all.


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Yay, both Bellamy and Yorke use falsetto, they must be the same band. They both also have guitar, bass, and drums

I like both bands, they're two of my favorites, but I don't see any major, striking similarities consistently.
Muse used to sorta sound like Radiohead early on (young bands tend to sound a lot like their major influences. that's nothing new)... but they've evolved since then.

Buy anywho, this is a VS. thread. Those aren't allowed.
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They're nothing alike aside from the minor similarity of Thom and Matt's vocal style.
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