As the thread title suggests, this is the New Between the Buried and Me album title and Track listing, which I received as a member of the BTBAM mailing list. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. If it is, please direct me to the right one :P.

The Great Misdirect"
1. Mirrors
2. Obfuscation
3. Disease, Injury, Madness
4. Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain
5. Desert of Song
6. Swim to the Moon
Should be in the Hardcore forum I believe? Possibly the Between The Buried And Me thread. (which I assume exists)
alright, thanks. i looked at the list of bands that weren't allowed and didn't see them, but that doesn't necessarily mean much occasionally, haha. i'll add it to their thread, if someone else hasn't already broached the news.
News is out, there are two threads for them, one which is already in the metal forum and the other which is in the hardcore forum, the hardcore forum gets more traffic.