firstly I'm using guitar pro on my mac, and am using guitar pro for the first time.

I looked everywhere and i can't find how to turn on auto-scroll when a tab is playing. Instead i find myself having to scroll every time the play bar goes through the bottom of the screen to find where I'm at on the score.

Any help would be appreciated!
weird... I just took it for granted that it always showed you the bar that was playing on the track you have selected... I will find out, hopefully be back with an answer


Go to the Options drop down menu > preferences and check what your "scroll mode during playback" option is set to
MaKing thE possiBlE...
...totaLlY impossible
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Open options>preferences and set 'scroll during playback' to 'staff per staff' instead of 'screen per screen'. If that doesn't help, open view and set to 'horizontal screen mode'.

I'm using a windows version, but assuming the programs are very similar to each other this might help. If it doesn't go and take a look at their site's forum, perhaps there is a solution.