In an attempt to stop the seemingly endless amount of threads on this amp I've decided to create a directory of threads talking about them.

MG15MSII: It's not good just because it's a mini-stack

MG10CD: Along with Spider 3s and Fender Frontmans there are better practise amps

MG100DFX: No good for gigging

The new Marshall MGs do sound better, however...

A WTF is a Tab über thread, containing lots of info and a pros/cons list

Please stop making threads about MGs so we can stop telling you about there CRUSHING OVERDRIVE and calling you a troll.


What amps would be better? This thread is all you need...
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Great idea

I know the MG gets a lot of flak, but IMO they aren't that great and for the price there are many amps that are way superior...
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Edit: I don't want to bash anyone's gear I just want to stop seeing more and more threads on them!
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i got one to. nothing special. distortion is a little wobbly, but i like the effects. i dunno why, but they're just nice.
I dunno, I have a Line 6 Spider III, and after some playing around with, it's not that difficult to get a good tone. The cleans are decent enough, the crunch channel with the inbuilt distortion boost and a bit of delay gives a lovely lead tone, and the insane channel with the mids low, the bass around 8(out of 11) and treble slightly lower than the bass with the drive turned down slightly gives an awesome Post-thrash tone. Although I agree, the presets are terribly digital.
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Don't jump on the bandwagon, Line 6 Spider III's Aren't that bad!


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i have one. it's good but not GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! it's useable on the clean channel.
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the other thing i noticed about them is they don't take drop tunings very well. drop tunings sound fine through the randall but absolute ****e through the mg.
But you haven't said anything about the amps. =S You should have information if it's an 'ultimate' thread. Not just links to other stuff.
List their qualitys, good and bad.
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Zack Wylde "uses" them...

You could buy 2 amps of equal or better quality for the same price.
It's resale value falls through the floor the minute you leave the store.
They WILL crap out after a few years at best.
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Unless its electronic drums.

They actually have decent cabs
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^No, not really. They are pretty much on par with any other bottom bargain cab.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Leave it alone for a while and they'll implode into a black hole under the force of their own crushing overdrive.
They should make a thread like this about these, Spiders, Frontmans & trolling, then sticky it so when the issue arises for the people too stupid to read the stickies, we can just direct them here, case closed.
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Damn didn't see that. I did search but not very well apparently...

Oh well I tried!

P.S. I'll put your thread up in the original post, all the info in there will be a real help!

some of them are just spam tho, but yea some guys put real info on there
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some of them are just spam tho, but yea some guys put real info on there

Every little helps! Besides your first post contains pros and cons which some people in here wanted (basically saving me work!).