Now just to clarify, my new laptop does not have a line in socket so recording with my Pocket Pod is out of the question. Now what I want to know is, does the POD Studio GX also need a line in socket if I wish to record guitar, or does it use the USB cable.

Now I have done some searching in the forums, but I just want to get a straight answer.

Can I record guitar with reasonable quality using the POD Studio GX and only an USB cable. If not, can I do such a thing on the UX1 or UX2?
Oh for crying out loud, is it possible to get an answer on this forum?!!!
You gotta chill out... If it's such a simple answer I'm sure it's on google. You can't expect someone to answer every question within 5 hours. A lot of people on UG work too.

I don't know too much about what you're asking nor do I understand the question too well, but I have an idea. With the interface you're talking about all you should need is a computer, a USB from the computer to the interface, then a cable from your guitar to the interface. I don't know how good that interface is, but I know that there's one that's a step up from it. It has a couple extra knobs and an extra place for another instrument.
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