In a similar vein to some other threads, I thought a collection of ideas that really helped develop speed could be useful....

I measure my success with speed only when I achieve this speed with control and can play with ease...something that I pull off licks only 75% of the time, the licks are not included in my repertoire

Couple of things that really helped me achieve increases in speed....

(1) Speed Kills - Michaelangelo Batio....this video...really I was very skeptical about it since I am not a fan as such of MAB's music....and I didnt know what he could bring to the table that other shredders hadnt taught me.....but i found that the video was VERY useful and he really shares some insight into the topic of playing fast....very well worth a watch

(2) Troy Stetina - Speed Mechanics for lead guitar...incredible book....especially sections like the Art of Practicing....they were very helpful

(3)Marty Friedman - Exotic Metal Guitar.....lot of people consider this a poor video...but the sheer virtuosity of the exercises in this video force you to relook at your muting techniques.....and develop your sweep picking and economy picking really well....Frang Gambale's video helps in this aspect too

And lastly as pure inspiration.....

(4)The legendary guitar of Jason Becker..... brilliant videos showcasing some blistering speed with great ease(ala the late great Shawn Lane).....most of the stuff is too difficult to play for me...but watching it is a treat and an inspiration....

At the end of the day...I am using a combination of Legato(with slight use of hybrid picking),Alternate Picking and economy picking....and am trying to come up with a system that works for me

Lets hear some suggestions!!


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jason becker
paul gilbert tho i can play noting much of his
jeff loomis-nevermore,zero order phase
and just the desire to become better
good luck man
oh yeah for some reason i'm fast till a point once i warm up properly make sure and warm up people
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A metronome.

That's the best way to achieve speed along with clean technique.
The best thing i did was play chromatic scales along with a metronome for like a whole day (including rest breaks to avoid cramping). If you do something that long the muscle memory is really intense.

The previous 5 years i spent not understanding why i wasnt able to get past certain speeds, but i ended up doing 16ths at 50bpm to 140bpm then after that i literally tremelo picked the scale and both hands sync'd up
This is a really good thread, looks like there will be a lot of good personal opinionated information other than your normal "just practice for 10 years" answers. I've been playing for 2 years now, have always been relatively focused on technique and speed. I have a good work ethic and have been using a routine every day - granted it's been tweaked and whatnot over the past couple years. I'm wondering if that Troy Stetina - Speed Mechanics for lead guitar book would be worth it for me, or if it's good enough to just get various exercises on my own and practice that way?
I used rock discipline by John Petrucci and Speed Mechanics for lead guitar. They're pretty good books and all but the best tip I could give you is not to practice only leads, if you work on your lead and rhythm, both will improve faster.
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