I've heard some great stuff about this DC-5. I looked on there site (mesaboogie.com) and I can't find it. It's a small tube amp I believe.

Is it still for sale? It isn't in the discontinued page unless it's under a different name or something.
It's one phase of a line of discontinued amps by Mesa Boogie. Although they are different tonally, it's current equivalent is the Mesa Express.

It was preceded by the Studio .22 and followed by the F-series and Express series.

It's discontinued so if you want one then you will have to go used.
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Ebay or Craigslist is your only hope of finding one. They're great little amps, especially the 30 and 50 watt combos/heads/ The 50's definitely more high gain, and the 30's more of a crunchy amp (I've tried both, and own the former), but if you can get one for under 800, it's a good deal.
it's a great little amp actually - I sold mine not long ago to CordoruyEW. One of the most versatile Boogies, and has great cleans, though make no mistake; it still has the Mesa/Boogie sound. If that's the kind of sound you like, by all means hunt one down - they're still a real bargain used.