Well I was reading through some old UK 'Select' magazines from 1992 this morning and I found this.

16 years later, we have this:

I just found this quite funny to see how technology has changed over 16 years.
Especially considering the quote of 'The last calculator you'll ever need to buy."
Yeah it's going really quick.
400 years ago there were people decaptivated and after that hung up unto a gallow, because they had the death sentence twice. You might just say we have progresses.

And now
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What a well calculated thread, if I do say so myself.
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technology improves pretty quick - but seriously, that calculator is a crap example. that old calculator has all the practical functionailty that the new ones do...

for the past 50 years or so computer power has been doubling roughly every 18 months, until about 2 years ago when that started to slow to closer to 20-22 months. I don't think we'll see a peak as much as a sudden sharp drop following some disastrous apocalyptic event...
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