I know the Hardcore Scene in Australia is pretty large. But i was wondering how big it is in terms of modern media, over here in the UK you would hear nothing about hardcore bands in the majority of the media, is it a big thing over there, i mean, does the media embrace its popularity, or is it more along the lines of cult status?
The most I've heard about Australian Hardcore floating in the media would have to be a death about a year or so ago where the reporters played on the fact that the guy responsible was an avid parkway drive fan. Needless to say it was a pretty pathetic story. Besides that though, we have had Carpathian playing a major event in canberra side by side with Australian indie and rock acts - the Trackside festival last year - which I found a little surprising.
It's a big scene, and there's usually posters in music stores and all that. In music stores there are fairly big sections for CD's. Also a few years back there was a crash concerning members of The Red Shore where the vocalist and merch dude died, and that gained a fair bit of newspaper coverage. Obviously it doesn't have as much publicity as indie festivals and all that, but when events such as Hardcore 2009 are out and Soundwave (I'd say it's majority hardcore/pop punk/all fusions), there is a fair bit of advertising.
Straight Edge received some attention a few years back when some kids beat up Rex Hunt in Byron Bay. LOL. But apart from that, no not really. Short.Fast.Loud is a radio show which plays hardcore, punk, and metal every Wednesday night from like 10pm 'til 1am or something, and it goes Australia wide. And you may see the odd clip on Rage (music TV show which goes from about midnight 'til 5AM). But apart from that it's not in the mainstream media. It's like that pretty much everywhere though isn't it?
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